Fascinating China – Chongqing City –

Chongqing is an extremely large, modern and impressive city located in southwestern China.
It is what nowadays it’s being called a “mega city” with a population of about 32 million people, yet you may not have heard of it. So I’m going to show you why , if you plan a trip to China, should check it out ! 🙂



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*Memorable bits from past trips* Part II

Going down on memory lane once more

-Swimming with dolphins, Tortola.

In 2009 the day after I graduated high school, I left to go on a cruise in the Caribbean with my family.  We started our cruise in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and made our way to different islands, among them St. Lucia, St. Marteen and Tortola.

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Caribana festival; grinding and wining in Toronto.

In July 2012 I went to  Canada to attend a dear friend’s wedding. I was very excited to go back to Toronto and this time experience the summer, which I had always heard was amazing and fun. So I spent my one month Chilean winter vacation enjoying the Canadian summer. I visited Montreal, went for free concerts in downtown Toronto and visited some beaches and other “summery” places that I couldn’t see during the winter time. Many fun activities and events go on during this time in Toronto, but one of the most fun weekends I had was when I went for the “Caribana” parade.

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Work and travel: International Experience Canada

What is it?

This program allows youth -18 to 35 years of age- to get a multiple entry visa valid for a year to enter Canada, along with an open work permit. There are three categories in the program, “Working Holiday”, “Young Professionals” and “International Co-op”.  For any of the programs there is a US$150 application fee.

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*Memorable bits from past trips* Part I

Hi! and welcome to the first post of my blog 🙂

In a just a couple of weeks I’ll be leaving behind my life in Chile to start a new chapter in Montpellier, France, to get my undergrad degree while living and travelling with some of my closest friends.
During my study abroad year I want to share with you through this blog, all the new things I will be experiencing and the places I’ll get to visit.

On the verge of this new experience, as my first post I want to share some of my  favourite previous experiences around the world! 🙂

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