*Memorable bits from past trips* Part II

Going down on memory lane once more

-Swimming with dolphins, Tortola.

In 2009 the day after I graduated high school, I left to go on a cruise in the Caribbean with my family.  We started our cruise in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and made our way to different islands, among them St. Lucia, St. Marteen and Tortola.

Swimming with dolphins was an item on my bucket list and I knew that this was the perfect chance to cross it off.  And so I did, in Tortola, although it was more like hanging out with one dolphin rather than swimming with two. I really felt like the dolphin and I bonded because when it was time to kiss it, she kissed me on my cheek for longer than anyone else. Next on my bucket list is whale watching!

-Meeting a Canadian celebrity, Montreal, Canada.

During the summer in Canada, I made a trip with 2 great friends to Montreal. It was an all-girls weekend so our visit had to include some shopping. While at the mall my friend goes “Isn’t that Karl Wolf?”, now since I’m not Canadian I can’t say I was to up to date with all the national singers and celebrities, but this one I surprisingly knew as I had heard his music on the radio. So we decided to follow him and for some reason at the moment it made sense that, being the tourist, I had to be the one to approach him. I tapped his shoulder and asked him “Are you Karl Wolf? , we chatted for a bit and took a couple of pictures, he even called me “caliente”. I have to admit I was very nervous while talking to him, and I didn’t even like him that much! I can only imagine if one day I got to meet a BIG celebrity-maybe a Canadian that I really love this time, Drake!! (fingers crossed).

You can listen to his song “Mash it up”, it’s one of those songs that will make you want to dance.

-Indian wedding, Jaipur,India.

In 2003 I attended my very first Indian wedding, in the city of Jaipur in north India.

The celebrations lasted about 4 days, and all the guests stayed at the beautiful “Jai Mahal Palace” hotel, it doesn’t have the word palace in its name for nothing. Once upon a time it really was a palace dating back to 1745 A.D.

The first two days we did nothing but eat, party, attend functions and eat some more (typical indian event :p ). And on the actual day of the wedding it was more like we were celebrating some sort of carnival! The groom was approaching the ceremony in an elephant, yes a huge majestic elephant. But it doesn’t end there, all his grooms men followed behind in camels and horses, all while drummers played music and danced around them.

Needless to say the bride wore all through the week the most wonderful saris and golden jewelry.

They clearly didn’t hold back for that wedding and went all out, and I’m glad to say that the couple is still happily married.

-Seeing a city’s view high above the ground.

One of my favourite things to do when I travel is try to get as high above street level as I can, and have a look at the view of the city.Views from up top are just wonderful, and I really enjoy looking at the city from a different perspective.

Here’s all the towers I’ve ever gone up on ,from lowest to tallest  Eiffel Tower (330mt),Tokyo Tower (333 mt), Petrona Towers (452 mt, Kuala Lumpur, Malasya), Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower (448mt), CN Tower (553mt, Toronto).

Hope you enjoyed some of my past experiences, as I get ready to make new memories in Europe! 🙂

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