Wanderlust -Santorini Island, Greece-

Have you ever felt the desire to visit a place, but you are not really sure why?, you just know that at some point in your life you have to see it. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how for some reason the would love to visit places like India, Egypt, Italy,etc. In my “Wonderlust” section, I will be featuring all the amazing places that I wish to visit one day.

For a while now Santorini Island in Greece has been a dream of mine. I think it started when I was a teenager and  saw “The sisterhood of the travelling pants”, my favorite character had Greek roots and spent her summer in this beautiful island, (she also met a super cute guy, talk about a good vacation!).

The island is located in the Aegean sea and it was formed after a volcanic explosion which created a “caldera” ( large bowl-shaped volcanic depression more than one kilometre in diameter and rimmed by infacing scarps.)  This means houses are built at the top of the steep cliffs of the caldera.

Some girls think about their perfect wedding, but I just think about the honeymoon because it means I will travel somewhere. The white houses with blue shutters, the amazing looking beaches and breathtaking geography just did it for me to think that this is probably my top honeymoon destination. :p

santorini 2 santorini 6 santorini 5 santorini 4 santorini 3

(Picture credits here)

Update: I actually made it to Greece and visited Santorini 🙂 It was a dream come true!

On a different note, I’m leaving to France on Monday!! So , the next time I post something will be from Montpellier 🙂 Au Revoir Chile!


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