Made in China

Most people have the idea that China is dead cheap, I did too but I was wrong. These days pretty much everything is made in China, and when buying these products in our countries it’s fairly cheap. But made in China products IN China can actually be expensive!

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I am a teacher!

Since late November I have been working as an English teacher at a school here in Jiangmen.

When I decided to come to China, I knew that besides studying chinese I also wanted to find a job to make money for travelling. Teaching English is what most people come to do here, so I thought why not try. Even though I am not a teacher by profession, I did tutor kids back in Chile so I had a little bit of experience in the area. But teaching a classroom full of kids is a totally different thing.

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Making friends in China

I have been away from my blog for a while,and since I haven’t travelled around just yet, I thought I would just write about my life in China.

The foreigners community in Jiangmen,where I live, is very small. Most of them are english teachers or business people. Having just finished my year abroad in France, my expectations about what my university in China would be like were pretty high. I figured there would be more people my age from different countries that were looking for the same experience I was. Wrong. Our classes are pretty small, and even though we have really nice classmates mostly Korean and people of chinese origin , we were pretty bummed about not meeting a lot of new people.

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