Massages in Thailand, from oil to Thai and happy endings.

The first few days in Thailand were pretty busy, so on our last day in Chiang Mai, we decided to have a chill day since we would be taking the night train to Bangkok that evening. The best thing to do was pamper ourselves with a relaxing massage.

I had heard that Thai massages can be pretty painful, but after they are done with you ,you feel light like a feather. Well I wasn’t buying any of those stories, because in China I experienced a very painful massage and I was sore for days after it. I didn’t want to go through a similar experience again and just chose to get an oil massage, so we headed to the area were all the massage places are located. We realized prices were pretty similar , between 200 and 300 Bhat for an hour massage.

We really had no idea what factors to take into account when choosing a place, so we just went in to one that looked okay and was cheap (250 Baht) .The minute we entered and saw that the beds were super close to each other with a pretty thin curtain separating them, we knew we messed up. They led us to our beds and told us to get ready , which meant undress. Uhm no that was not going to happen. The place just didn’t feel comfortable,so I looked at my friend and said ” You wanna get out of here?” , and that was it ,we just left.

I’m so glad we didn’t stay because just a few shops away we found heaven. Compared to the first place at least :p . And it was only 50 Baht more! The place was beautifully decorated and the service was awesome.


They first made us take our shoes off ,washed our feet and gave us slippers. Then we made our way to the top floor were all the beds were, with the perfect lighting and ambiance for a massage.

The massage was great, not like oh my god this is the best thing ever, but it was good and met its purpose of making me relax and loosen up my muscles. By the end of the hour there is a little stretching going on but nothing painful.

Before leaving they gave us some tea, and we took the time to snap some pictures 🙂 . What I learnt from this experience is, sometimes paying a little extra can mean a world of difference!

Of course being Thailand, you can get ALL sorts of massages if you know what I mean, like the “happy ending” massage (self explanatory I hope, because I won’t get into details). From what I heard you can  even get it in a “decent” looking place and not only in the parlors that have girls in their underwear waiting outside for clients. If the masseuse girl asks if you “want anything extra” then you know where things are heading if you say yes.   And to my surprise this is not only for guys, from a fellow traveler I heard that one of his girl friends had a happy ending massage as well!


Post massage coconut water


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