I’m back! I recently took a break from studying chinese and working to attend my brother’s wedding back home in Chile. I was there for about three weeks and I only turned my computer on twice! But I’m happy to be blogging again as I still have loads to talk about my recent trip to Thailand.

Going back home from China is a very long trip, I took 3 flights back to back which amounted to 30 hours of beingDSC_0267 on a plane. Pretty brutal,but on the upside I could rack up a bunch of travel miles which I hope will be of some use eventually.
Two days later and 12 hours back in the past, I was at home at last and had no time to waste. Since day 1 I started getting my things sorted out for my brother’s wedding, meeting up with my friends and eating. So much eating.

The wedding was in a beautiful venue and my brother and his wife really went all out. I haven’t been to a lot of weddings but this seemed to be straight out of a pinterest wedding board. Everything was just so pretty and well thought. I have to admit that I cried throughout the ceremony, starting from when the bride walked down the aisle to when the couple exchanged vows. Even though the bride is Chilean, they made sure to include some indian things into the party. My siblings and I (with the help of some dancers) even did a Bollywood dance! It was such a fun night and the party lasted till 4.30 am!




The whole wedding weekend was the perfect way to end my vacation back home. I hadn’t been in Chile during summer in a while,  and I got to spend quality time with my family and closest friends which really gave me an energy boost for this new semester back in China.





I really admire my brother and his wife, they are not only a couple but also best friends. It’s like having a sidekick for life who will join you in all your adventures, and with whom you will have the most fun with. That sounds pretty awesome to me 🙂


Congrats big brother! I know you will be a great husband and will have a beautiful family. Can’t wait to have nephews and nieces :p

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