Waking up in Bangkok

I left off my Thailand posts in Chiang Mai. This is where I spent a day with elephants, visited a beautiful temple, got an oil massage, shopped at the Sunday night market and more.
After 4 days in Chiang Mai we made our way by night train to the bustling capital of Thailand, Bangkok. When planning our Thailand trip, I was unsure about going to Bangkok. I had mixed reviews about it, and some people actually told me “skip Bangkok”. But my friend and I thought we should see for ourselves.

Taking a night train or bus is always a good idea not only to save money in accommodation but also the time it takes going to airports.I have taken night trains in India before, but this was definitely better, the wagons are clean and you are provided with bed sheets and pillows, they even make the bed for you!. We bought two upper bunks opposite to each other in the no ac wagon, this allowed us to save a good amount of money and we didn’t really need ac since it wasn’t summer time. It also felt safe and most of the people in our wagon were tourists, so it great opportunity to meet and chat with other travellers during the long 15 hours ride.

When we woke up the next morning we were in Bangkok. From the station we took a Tuk tuk to our hostel. I love big cities and that Tuk tuk ride made me excited to start exploring Bangkok.

We stayed at “Bed Station” hostel and I definitely recommend it, it’s the fanciest hostel I’ve ever stayed and opened just recently. The best things were the washrooms, tons of space and mirrors for the ladies, and the rooms, which had curtains around each bed for privacy and a little bed light for some night time reading (in the very odd case that you stay in instead of going out in Bangkok :p). And it included breakfast, this is always a win to me.


We were pretty beat from all the travelling so we took things slow and headed to the closest site to our hostel, “Jim Thompsons house”. This property used to belong to Jim Thompson an American business man who traded Thai silk and really helped it gain international recognition. It was donated to the city of Bangkok after Mr. Thompson mysteriously disappeared on a trip to Malaysia.

The property has beautiful garden grounds and a collection of items that Mr. Thompson gathered from different parts of the world. General admission is 100 Baht and 50 for students (or under 26)






By night it was time to get prettied up and hit Khao San road. This famous place has everything you need; street food including all sorts of insects, shopping , bars and restaurants, and ping pong shows. After shopping , we looked for a place to eat and have a drink, it’s quite difficult to choose where to go in , since every place looks like it’s happening. Some bars were a bit more chill and others had people dancing all the way onto the streets. We randomly chose one and  got ourselves not just a glass, but a JUG of tequila sunrise. We met other travellers and had a pretty fun convo which included a debate with an American about the difference between cookies and biscuits. One of them also explained to us what the famous “ping pong show” consisted on, which we were offered several times on the streets. Think ping pong but dirty, probably dirtier than what you can think off, it’s Thailand after all.


Didn’t carry my camera to Khao San hence the quality of this picture , but the important thing is the jug :p

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