Boating around Bangkok

Day 2 in Bangkok was all about temples. We started our day by taking the sky train to  “Saphan Taksin” station, from where it’s easy to get to the “Chao Phraya river” . We purchased a one day pass with “Chao Phraya express” boat.  For 150 Baht you can use the boats on this line all day , making it easy to access all the major sightseeing points.

Our first stop was “Wat Pho”, home to the famous reclining Buddha which is 46 meters long! This place was the first university in Thailand and nowadays houses one of the most prestigious massage schools in the country. So after a stroll around the complex you can get a relaxing massage! Admission fee to the complex is 100 Baht.



Wat Pho was super packed, so getting a decent picture of the Buddha was pretty much impossible. But we snapped some pictures nevertheless and walked around the outside grounds. Our second place to visit was going to be the “Grand Palace” which houses the Emerald Buddha, but a taxi driver told us it was closed and would open up later.

So we hopped on a  boat to cross us to the west bank of the “Chao Phraya” river where the temple “Wat Arun” is located.  We were not down to pay another 100Bahts to enter the temple, plus we could see it from the outside just as well. So we decided to chill for a bit having an ice cream and enjoying the view while waiting for the Grand Palace to open up again.





After around 45 minutes we went back to the Grand Palace, and it had JUST closed! The taxi driver  lied to us so he could offer us a ride to somewhere else! I was so pissed that because of someone else I missed the chance to see this place. So all I can say is , don’t trust taxi drivers!

After a day going up and down in a boat, we went back to our hostel to get our bags and make our way to the train station. Next stop Phuket!


Our second day went by very fast , and I feel like I couldn’t really enjoy everything that Bangkok has to offer. For sure next time I make a trip to South East Asia I will spend a few more days in Bangkok.

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