Snorkeling in Phi Phi island

Like in any major tourist destination, we were bombarded with offers of excursions and day trips to take in Phuket. I knew I wanted to go to the beach where they filmed “The beach” , so we chose the tour to Phi Phi island.


selfies during our boat ride

 For 1000 Baht, our day started at 7 am when we got picked up at our hostel and taken to Rassada Harbour to hop on a boat. It takes around an hour and a half to get to the sightseeing spots at Phi Phi Lay. This is when I realized I would just be seeing things and not actually getting of the boat for any of them.  This included just seeing Maya Bay, were the movie was filmed. And not actually  getting to the beach and swimming in that gorgeous water. It was  a real bummer to say the least.


Maya bay, from “The Beach”



Viking caves

We continued on the boat to reach Coral Bay , were we could finally get off the boat and jump in the water to do snorkeling! 🙂 This was my first time doing it so I had a hard time at first getting the mask to stay on and not swallowing water , but once I got the hang of it I could stay underwater for a long time looking at all the colorful fish swimming all around us. I got help from an experienced snorkeler who gave me some bread to give the fish, this attracted tons of fish towards me and I actually felt a couple of them grazing me. I would be able to show you just how beautiful the fish were if I had a Go Pro …but I don’t….so mom if you are reading this, christmas present yes? :p . But really though, Go pros are so convenient for this type of excursions, it should be my next investment.


It was a lot of fun to snorkel, but after it I was super tired, thankfully it was lunch time at a restaurant in Phi Phi.

Lunch time

Lunch time

Lunch was surprisingly good, for an all-inclusive day trip that is. I got to meet other travellers and even practiced my french with a french couple sitting in our table. After lunch time we had about an hour to walk around the area and take pictures before getting back on the boat and make our way back to Phuket.




I feel like it was a good trip, but only if you don’t have enough time to stay in the islands. But I would’ve loved to stay in Phi Phi for a few nights, and actually go in the water in Maya Bay. From the looks of it the only way to get there is by taking a banana boat or speed boat, and renting one of these is expensive.

If I was rolling in the money, or were Jay-z and Beyonce , I would just have my own yacht and explore the islands at my own pace, jump in the water whenever I wanted to and see all amazing islands around Phuket. But since I’m not, I know that I have to go back to southern Thailand, there are just so many places that I want to see there and spend more time in. Oh and also , I have to get to Koh Phangan for the full moon party which happens every month. During the trip we met people who were going and we thought of changing our travel plans in order to make it, but it turned out to be too complicated, expensive and time consuming to do so.  We were told it’s the “best party you will ever go to” so all I can say is , Thailand I will see you again for sure!

cass n i

And this would be the end of my Thailand trip posts. I LOVED my trip. I loved being part of this awesome travel scene, meeting people from different places, making friends at hostels, sharing travel stories in trains all while exploring a new and exciting place every day. In a couple of years I hope to do a long South East Asia backpacking trip, these 10 days in Thailand was a tiny bite that got me totally hooked for more 🙂

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