Travelling with friends

                     10 days travelling with 3 girl friends to 2 different countries.
That was what my vacation in November consisted of, and to add to that I also live with these girls, crazy right? That’s just how our trip worked out to be, crazy but also tiring, fun, stressful, exciting, intense and just overall amazing.

Here’s a recap in pictures of what we did during those great 10 days back in November.

Took low cost flights, packing for one of those is quite a challenge.

Most uncomfortable flight ever

Tooks as many silly pictures as we could.

Riding a bull in Marseille

Cliché pictures in London

Getting proposed at Westminster abbey



Stealing cabs, pink of course because we are girls :p

Boys flirting with us, not the other way around of course… :p




Pretending to be football players at Old Trafford, Manchester.

Meeting Tin Tin in Brussels

Meeting Tin Tin in Brussels

Eating and drinking, all day, everyday.


Partying with zombies and robots

Thanks to my girls for a wonderful trip!

My attempt at celebrating Diwali

This year during my November trip, I happened to be in London for Diwali, which is a Hindu festival that takes place in fall also known as “the festival of lights”. So I figured since I was in London, a place with one of the largest indian communities, I had to celebrate it. One of the biggest indian temples outside of India is actually  in London called Swaminarayan Temple, and for the festivities there would be fireworks and food. To my advantage, my couchsurfing host was indian so  I had someone to go with. Continue reading

Getting lost in Camden Town, London

Camden Town in London, is hands down the coolest, busiest, quirkiest market I have visited so far. It houses hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs where you could spend hours exploring around but it wouldn’t be enough to see it all.


Getting to Camden  is easily accessible by subway (or “the tube” as it’s called by londoners), just get off at “Camden Town station” , and make your way up on “Camden high street” ,  where you can find tons of souvenir’s shops.  From there it’s up to you , you can go to “Camden lock market” if you are looking for hand crafted jewelry, paintings, and food from all over the world, or  the Camden “Stables” where you will find crazy shops for a more alternative taste, piercings stores, sex shops, and vintage clothing. Everywhere you go surely you will find cool stuff that you may want to buy , but for me it was all about the food! Polish, Argentinean, Indian, Spanish, Greek and just about any food you crave you can find it around Camden Town.

DSC_0773 DSC_0777


I got there rather late, around 3 pm and being with a group of friends made it harder to just walk  around and discover all the cool places it offers. They were all about souvenirs, but I just wanted to explore so when we lost 2 of them, it came down to either looking for them , or finding some delicious food to eat. We chose the latter option :p . So my advice would be go there with  friends that are on the same page as you in terms of what you want to do, and get there early so that you can really see all that there is to see, it is definitely worth a whole day of your London trip.


I was so excited about everything around me that I forgot to take pictures, so I just have a few not so good pictures that I snapped. But it is one of those places you just got to check out in person 🙂