Snorkeling in Phi Phi island

Like in any major tourist destination, we were bombarded with offers of excursions and day trips to take in Phuket. I knew I wanted to go to the beach where they filmed “The beach” , so we chose the tour to Phi Phi island.

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Phuket town, the more “real” side of the island.

For our Thailand trip, we saved the best for last. The beaches in Phuket!

I had been in China since September, so  for my vacation in February I wanted to get out of the country. The first thing I thought was , wouldn’t it be nice to be tanning on a beach in Thailand? And from there things took off, I messaged my  Trinidadian friend that lives in Korea and she was down too. So basically this whole trip started because I wanted to go to one of those paradise like beaches.

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