Caribana festival; grinding and wining in Toronto.

In July 2012 I went to  Canada to attend a dear friend’s wedding. I was very excited to go back to Toronto and this time experience the summer, which I had always heard was amazing and fun. So I spent my one month Chilean winter vacation enjoying the Canadian summer. I visited Montreal, went for free concerts in downtown Toronto and visited some beaches and other “summery” places that I couldn’t see during the winter time. Many fun activities and events go on during this time in Toronto, but one of the most fun weekends I had was when I went for the “Caribana” parade.

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Work and travel: International Experience Canada

What is it?

This program allows youth -18 to 35 years of age- to get a multiple entry visa valid for a year to enter Canada, along with an open work permit. There are three categories in the program, “Working Holiday”, “Young Professionals” and “International Co-op”.  For any of the programs there is a US$150 application fee.

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