I am a teacher!

Since late November I have been working as an English teacher at a school here in Jiangmen.

When I decided to come to China, I knew that besides studying chinese I also wanted to find a job to make money for travelling. Teaching English is what most people come to do here, so I thought why not try. Even though I am not a teacher by profession, I did tutor kids back in Chile so I had a little bit of experience in the area. But teaching a classroom full of kids is a totally different thing.

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Work and travel: International Experience Canada

What is it?

This program allows youth -18 to 35 years of age- to get a multiple entry visa valid for a year to enter Canada, along with an open work permit. There are three categories in the program, “Working Holiday”, “Young Professionals” and “International Co-op”.  For any of the programs there is a US$150 application fee.

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