Beach time in Phuket

And it was finally time to hit the beach! 😀


To get from Phuket town to the beaches you can catch a local bus for 30 Baht. Since the island is so big, it takes around half an hour to actually get down to the beaches. The buses are very regular so you just need to hop on one, wait for it to have a few more people and it will take off.

We went to Kata, and Karon beach , on different days of course. Both of them were on a list of the best beaches to go to.

They both had soft sand, and clear water with barely any waves. For 100 baht you can rent an umbrella and a mat, and trust me you will need it.


Our day would go like this, first order of business get something to eat at 7/11 and eat it on the bus on our way to the beach. Food is much more expensive by the beach side of course, so we would just buy some fruit to eat while we lay on our mats and got a tan. When the heat was too much, we jumped in the water to cool off.
The water was amazing, not hot but not cold either. And since it barely had waves , it was like a swimming pool and we would just stay in the water for the longest time.



enjoying the sunset in Patong beach sipping passion fruit juice

We also went to Patong beach, but just to party. This is the most happening place in the island, and it can get pretty crazy.  There is a ton of bars and clubs that cater to all. Of course there were the ping pong show offerings once again, shady looking massage places and bars with girls dancing on the tables. To my surprise, the bars that played live music, sans semi naked girls dancing on tables, had more people in them. We went to a couple of bars with live music, including one that only played reggae music which was the best, Bob Marley all night. I also almost played connect four with a drag queen, it seems like connect four is a thing in bars in Thailand.

I was also very surprised to see families with their kids roaming around this area, I mean it’s not really kids friendly in my opinion. But kids seemed to be enjoying all the craziness nevertheless.


I really enjoyed the beach days, it was so relaxing and we didn’t have to worry about going places and following a map. The last day on the beach I didn’t want to get out of the water! I just kept thinking, when is the next time I’m going to be in an amazing beach like this?  Hopefully soon!

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