What to wear in Thailand and my attempt at fashion.

 I’m not a fashion blogger nor do I really know much about fashion,  but as most women do I like clothes and trying to look my best.  For my Thailand trip I wanted to try out taking pictures in the different outfits that I wore, which were different from the usual shorts and t-shirt that I wear when travelling. The point was trying to dress according to the place I was visiting.

It was awesome to start my trip in Chiang Mai; it was the perfect place to hit the markets and start shopping. Both in Chiang Mai and Bangkok I visited temples which means covering up legs and shoulders. Wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts was definitely not an option because it would get too hot, so I bought a “sarong” which is a long,rectangular  piece of cloth that can be wrapped around your lower body. And I also got myself wide leged pants that resemble a skirt.  I wore these two items a lot, they were very comfy and didn’t make me feel hot.


outfit I wore when visiting the temples in Bangkok

Another item that I couldn’t have gone the trip without was my hat. My friend Cass and I got hats at the start of the trip, but she wasn’t as into it as I was. It really helped in keeping the heat and sunshine away from my face and it looks great too.


For Phuket, we got bikinis in Khao San road in Bangkok. Since it was 4 days of beach I got 2, one black and one with patterns so it was easy to swap bottoms and tops for a different look.



I did fail in the shoes area since every single day I used my flip-flops. It was just so much easier and comfortable to wear them rather than any other kind of shoe. We would constantly have to take off our shoes and walk tons and honestly flip-flops are the only shoes that don’t make my feet hurt after walking up and down a city.


If you travel to Thailand you should pack light. The markets are way too cheap and the clothes are so pretty and comfy you will wish you had more space in your backpack or suitcase. In terms of dress code, it depends on where you are. Bangkok is like any other big city so you can keep it casual or dress it up. There’s fine dining and 5 star hotels so you can definitely play dress up, I didn’t hit any fancy place in Bangkok  though so I’m not sure how that scene really is. For the beaches, showing skin is totally acceptable, so whatever swimwear you have, from thongs to one piece is a go. Cover up if you are leaving the beach to get lunch around the area, I would just wrap my sarong around to avoid getting my clothes wet. As for temples, always show respect and dress modest.

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