My first wine tasting experience

-Les Estivales de Montpellier-


For eight years now the “Estivales de Montpellier” take place every summer once a week. This year every Friday night, since June till September 6th at the “Esplanade Charles de Gaulle” in Montpellier, this fun fair has been taking place offering wine, food, crafts and music.

DSC_0398For 5 euros you can buy a cute glass in which you can taste 3 different wines choosing between a wide selection of 35 local wine producers. As you walk along the esplanade you can also buy food, from paella and tapas, to churros and the traditional and delicious crepes. All this to the beat of music. There are 2 areas where different bands take the stage to play salsa,tango, flamenco, soul and other types of music. And I am not one to pass on a chance to dance 🙂

DSC_0385 DSC_0388 IMG-20130825-WA0005 IMG-20130823-WA0009


Being chilean, I should know about wine, but I’m just getting into it now that I’m in France, and mostly trying white wine. When I got my glass, I tried a rosĂ© and 2 white wines, which were good but I think that wine is an acquired taste. So next year when I attend the 9th edition of the “Estivales” I will see if I have made any progress :p.

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